To me, peace is a natural balance in every human being with respect for people around us and showing tolerance with no racism and discrimination, and justice is when everything is put on their own way, when people have the same chance to defend their rights without ignoring their duty.

However, peace and justice face various threats such as terrorism, regional imbalance, racism, discrimination, and war. To achieve world peace, all nations and peoples should have to be free. But, what do we have now? We have freedom but some of us don’t have humanity. We still hear the news about terrorism, racism, and discrimination. Those things make me think of every citizen in this world. It is believed that everyone carries rights given by God since they were in womb. But, when they speak up to the world to defend their rights, there are still so many people that judge is nonsense, but most of those people are saying that we should live in this world without racism, intolerance, and discrimination. This is causing a misunderstanding around the world. So, where is justice in this case?

All I know peace is the presence of justice, not the silence of cemeteries nor the silent result of violent repression. Peace is not the silence of our words although silence speaks thousands of words, and justice is not only the quality of being right and fair but also making peace for every single person in this world. Powerful countries should give up the race of arming themselves, stop showing off, and stop being arrogant because we are not going to make the third world war. As a civilized human that is believed to have power in our own fields, we do not mean to hurt others. We know that to achieve world peace, we need education and justice. So, in order to achieve it, we have to change guns and bombs into pencils and books. As we know that change can be good or bad depending on your point of view. Some people will not be very happy about it. On the other hand, some people will be very happy.

Let’s see what is happening now and become a trending topic in the world: Rohingya crisis. Many cases show us that the minority is repressed by the majority. People see it, but some of them do not observe. I agree with the United Nations that Rohingya crisis is genocide. The evidence is right under our nose as we ever see. Is terrorism issue a reason to burn their home, their clothes, and everything they have?

If I become one of the leaders of the world, my attention will be on the prosperity of the people in my country and the salvation of the Rohingyas. I will demand the Burmese government to resolve this conflict immediately; ensure the security of Rohingya; uphold justice, peace and human rights; recognize them as citizens; and ensure their education is fulfilled. We need to be on the ground providing emotional support. I know that is not easy but there is nothing impossible if we keep praying to God, never stop believing, and never stop trying to strive wholeheartedly for the sake of peace and justice in the world.

Peace and justice can be achieved with changes we made and education. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The last but not the least, no more people should miss out on peace, justice, human rights and education because of a man-made disaster.