Usage of Robots

Usage of Robots

Written by : Nadia Salsabila

Is it true to say that robot is the useful things in this 21th century? Are robots important to help people job? What the usage of robots in human been socializising? Well, People have pros or contras side about the specific usage of robots.

Japan, one of the most activated country in Asia that is wellknown for producing some best technologies in the world has industrial revolution. One of the case of it is robots. It is not complete if we talk about robot and we do not add ASIMO. The giant automotive producer, Honda Motor Co, has developed ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) a bipedal humanoid robot. This is the one of the most sophisticated robot in the world. It can walk like human, run in more or less than 6 km/hour and it can have an interaction with the environment. Yume Neko Smile is the animal shape (cat) of robot which can hunt rats, and has an attitude like a normal cat. Taken CNN data, Microsoft uses robots as a security officer and so many robots have been produced in this world with their own function.

What is the definition of a robot itself? A robot is a machine-especially one programmable by a computer-capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. The word ‘robot’ was first used to denote a fictional humanoid in a 1920 play R.U.R by the Czech writer, Karel Capek but it was Karel has brother Josef Capek who was the word is true inventor (take on Wikipedia). On one hand, people often say that robot is very useful and important to our life, and I think that is true, but there are some arguments on both sides.

For some people, robots are much too important. Some people spend all their life working and have no time to enjoy life. One thing that can help them is robot. They buy some robots to clean up their houses, use it like a toys for some kids, and other of useful things that can help them. Mayfield Robotics, a company which sponsored by Bosch, shows a robot named Kuri in Consumer Electronic Show 2016, Las Vegas, AS. Kuri can help some people on their household. Take on a data in BBC, Dubai police have revealed their first robot officer, giving it the task of patrolling the city has malls and tourist attractions. This robot can reach the public 24/7. It can protect people from crime because it can broadcast what is happening right away to the police command and control center. Some people who work as an observer need this stuff. If they work as a disaster observer, they need robots to monitor the disaster causes and movement. So many professions need robots to help them.

On the other hand, people usually say that robots can narrow fieldwork because robot has been taken our job. The technological mentality (this is reflected in the excessive belief in the tools or ethnocentric, as if everything can be solved by technology and something will be more convincing when done with equipment and with numbers). Technology crisis, the various crises that hit the world this century is caused by the development of technology is too fast, so the process of adaptation and integration is not done. Meet against individuals who are doing technostress, urban diseases. For me, the ideal thing is to use the robots to help us on our job with the limitation. Which means that we have to do our job too, not our entire job is done by the robots.

In my opinion, robots have a very useful function to our life. With us knowing it, we always use robots when and where we are. But do we have some complicated questions about this stuff?  Is the robot clever than us? How much useful this things compare by us? Robot can help HALF of our life. But remember, robots are made by human. The sophisticated robots cannot compare with us. They can broke, they cannot give us an affection like our parent, our family, and people around us, they cannot really fix our feeling if we have a problem, and clever robot, will not be beyond human intelligence because the robot is the object and his brain is man-made itself. The robots have an astounding intellectual capacity. But unfortunately, they have no soul. Then it depends on us. Are we going to be ready for technological developments? Will we be wise to use robots on certain things only? Unite your logic and heart, and then you will be able to answer that entire question wisely.

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