The Universe Has Brought Us Here

The Universe Has Brought Us Here

When I saw the twilight yesterday


I saw you, too


whispering some words to me




In the night


you came to me


pulled myself together


brought me to a place


where you could show me the universe




Today, as I woke up


I could feel something inside me


shimmering like your smile


that always exists in my memory




You are so mysterious, My Dear


I lost without you


I lost without your love


I got lost in my mind




You never came back


since the day you showed me the universe


So, now I go to find you


far away from my home




I think I can never make it


but I have to


I need to see you again just once


before you leave me for her




This is like a movie, My Dear


just watch where we go, but then


it rapidly creeps up on me


I can stay a bit longer


because it’s about us


only you and me




Only you and me


together in the darkness


at the place where the universe


has brought us to be in love

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