The Old Story

The Old Story

In the hot day, at school of my grandfather’s herritages, headmaster who had a hamburger, he told me a story under the tittle of story is Hole.

“Once upon a time, there lived father and his son who has a bad temper. They lived in holy hollow village. Father asked his son to nail the fence. Then the son did the father’s asked. “

“At night, while the son was sleeping, father took again that nails in the fence. When the morning have come, the son wondered, where the nail was. father woke up by the son. Father didn’t wake up, the son called “daddy”, again with harder voice. The son asked father “Daddy, where is the nails in fence?” father replied with half mindful “I took that nail”.  “why?” son wondered “look in the fence son, there is hole in the fence because that nail. The fence will not be same again. So, if you hurt the people’s heart, the heart will not be same too”. The father answered the son’s question then hugged and fluttery the son’s hair with hope his son’s will changed to be better.”

So, after headmaster told me a story, I knew that don’t be a bad temper, it will hurt the people’s heart because heart will not be same after it is hurted.

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