It contains some bad stuff. Further reading is not adviced.



Your smooth skin as white as the snow.

Your lips alluring red as the cherry blossom.

Your flowing hair dark as the night.

And your sparkling eyes that shines like the star.


We were always happy together.

But soon it will all end, for tonight I will saying my last goodbye.

I will be at the corner of your room, gazing at your beauty for the last time.

Your sleeping face is just adorable,”Wake up my love…”

Then I place my sharp gift at your heart.


Ohhh…… Your expression is very exquisite.

A red crimson liquid flows from your chest.

You look wonderfull when you’re crawling and screaming for help.

But it’s all futile, for I have put your family to forever sleep.

I do not understand, why are you crying?


I wipe her tears and look at her, such beauty.

I give her a kiss at her lips. “Goodbye” .

I cut slice her stomach… warm blood at my hand.

I search for her heart, and take it with me as a farewell gift.


Then I put her to her eternal sleep.

I’m leaving now. But take a look at her for the last time.

She’s sleeping in her bed with red stained sheet, she looks peacefull.

Her limbs scattered, her cheek cut into a smile.


You are indeed very beautyful…….

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