Once there was a boy and a father who live in their house that is their mother’s heritage. The father is the headmaster of his son’s school. He has a kind heart, but the son wasn’t like his father. He always has a bad temper.

One day in a school, the boy was buying a hamburger and hot dog. When he held his foods, suddenly a girl ran in a hurry because she had a test for art and crafts. Without knowing she crashed the boy. The boy’s foods fell from his hand, he became so mad and he grabbed the scissor from the girl’s hand. In that state he lost control, he cut the girl’s hair and told her that she was blind. The girl cried then she rand to the headmaster and told him everything.

Then the headmaster took an action, he went to his son and talked to him. The headmaster looked at him with a hollow eyes. At home they talked things out but everything didn’t go so smoothly. The son raged and told his father that it’s not his fault. The father then gave him a hammer and some nails. He told him to hammer it on an empty wall, whenever he felt like he would lose control. The boy sighed and agreed. The next day, the boy already hammer 20 nails and he do it again. Again and again until he didn’t hammer the nail anymore.

With a happy face, he told his father that he did it. Then the father gave him another assignment. He must apologize to one person that he had hurt then he can take off the nail. One person equals one nail to take off. The son nods understand. The next day, he apologized to a kid name Holy and to the other kids. Until all of the nails gone. The boy ran to his father than showed him the result. The father then points the wall full of holes, “Look at that son.” The son looked at the wall and he didn’t get what his father’s means.

“What is it dad?”

“The holes that you made from the needles are like the scars on the persons you hurt,” the father said calmly.

“But I don’t physically hurt them and there are no scars to proof it!”

“I know you don’t, but sometimes it doesn’t need to be a physical action and scars to proof that you hurted them, it also can be a verbal action or your words.” The son still didn’t get what his father said. “It means the pain that you had done to them or your bad words, even when you already apologized to them it will always haunt them. So my son, next time choose your action wisely and also your words. You don’t want them to get hurt right?” the father hopes that his son understands what he means.

“Yes dad, I understand. If I were them, those bad words would hurt me.” He hugs him. Then at that moment he learned something important. By that, he will choose his action wisely whether he is on an urged to lose control or not. Because you don’t know what you said would affect other people in a bad way.