In  the little town called Foremost vile, there was a high school which is the only high school in town. This town was very small even the population is not more than just 500 peoples. When people want to continue their education to high school, they usually go to the bigger town that has a good quality school. But for Mr. Samuel and his family, this town was their hometown so that they would never leave this town.

Mr. Samuel is now living only with his son Aldo because he divorced with his wife. Aldo is a high school student who studied at Foremost High School. Before his father was divorced, Aldo was a active and friendly student. When he was still a junior high school student he was a very good friend of Willy, Kate, and Gerry. They were best friend. Since his father was divorced, Aldo is living in a harder situation. His personality started to change. He’s really hates his father and often gets angry because of something which is not important. He has a really bad temper and started to get away from his friends.

At summer, the new school day has started. Aldo went to high school for the first time. He met his middle school friend but didn’t  want to get along with them.  He’s always being alone at school. The first day school wasn’t something special for Aldo. When he went back home, his father asked him about his first day school. Aldo shouted to him and said “School sucks, don’t ever ask anything about it again, DAMN IT!”. His father worried about his son’s attitude.

The next day, Willy and Kate were talking about Aldo at the school canteen while Gerry was eating a big hamburger for his lunch. “Why are you eating that big hamburger while we are doing something a hundred times more important than that?”, Kate asked Gerry. “Well I’m really hungry and my stomach are more important than anything”, Gerry responded.”Whatever, I don’t care”, said Willy. They continued talking about Aldo and eventually planned to come to him and talk to him. After school they came to Aldo classroom and talk to him. Aldo tried to runaway but didn’t succeeded. “Get the heck outta here!!”, Aldo shouted to his own friends.”Seriously??? We just want to talk to you mate”, Said Gerry.”I don’t wanna talk to you guys, I JUST WANT TO GO!!”, Aldo responded angrily. Aldo started to be upset and pushed away his friends and then went back home. When he’s back home, he went to his bedroom straight away and cried all night. His father tried to talk to him but he couldn’t.

The next morning Aldo went to school, but didn’t go to class. His friends were very disappointed because of what he did yesterday. Aldo put a really deep hole inside his friends heart. Even though Willy, Kate, and Gerry felt sad, they decided to talk to Aldo’s father after school. They do really care about Aldo and worried about him.

The school bell was ringing, they went to Aldo’s home to talk to his father and tried to say sorry to Aldo. When they arrived, they only met and talked to his father. Aldo wasn’t come home yet. After waiting a few hours, Aldo still not home yet. They started to worry. They decided to go back to their home because it’s getting late and told Mr. Samuel to contact them when Aldo arrived.

The next day, Mr. Samuel wasn’t contact any of Aldo’s closest friend. At school they didn’t see Aldo appearance. They got really worried and talked to the school headmaster Mr. Rudy about what happened. The principal said that they don’t have to worry about it because the school is already handled this. They didn’t trust him because every year there are many student are gone mysteriously and the school didn’t manage to find any of them. This has been a mystery for this school since a long time. Even the police can’t find them. They don’t want this also happens to Aldo.

They talked to Aldo’s father and planned to find Aldo and solve the mystery. Aldo missing story had been spread out all over the school. It became hot news in school. Aldo’s father and friends are really hoping that Aldo is alright. They tried to figure out where’s Aldo right now. Last time Willy, Kate, and Gerry met him was at school and he got really upset. Foremost High School has a disturbing story and mystery. More than 20 kids are missing since this school was built. Nobody knows the missing kids where about. This thing had been kind a of heritage in this school. They wanted to stop this and find Aldo. They asked every student about where the last time they saw him and found a clue that Aldo’s last time being seen was on the bench behind the school.


After a lot of talking and planning Kate had a really good idea about how to find Aldo. Every kid that’s missing in this school are the loneliest kids in school. Kate plan was one of them has to pretend to be lonely and always being alone at school. Willy is willing to pretend to be lonely.

The next day, they went at school but Willy was not together again with Gerry and Kate. After the last school bell was ringing, Willy was sitting at the bench where Aldo last time being seen. Kate and Gerry stayed at Kate’s house and waiting for Willy to call them. It’s getting late and Willy still not contacted them. Eventually they realized that Willy is already being kidnapped by someone. They got really worried about it.

They went to Aldo’s house to meet Mr. Samuel. They asked for help to him and then they go to the police station by Mr. Samuel’s car. On the way to the police station suddenly Willy called them. They surprised and picked up the phone.”Where the hell are you  Willy???” Kate ask him anxiously. “I don’t know but luckily I’m with Aldo, he’s still not awake yet, I don’t know whether he is ok or not because my hands are being tied up”, said Willy. “Turn on your GPS and we will find you!”, said Gerry. They didn’t  want to ask for police help cause scared if the bad guy will kill Aldo and Willy.

They tracked down Willy and Aldo and stopped at abounded factory that located at the most loneliest place on this town. They got out from the car and started to search for Willy and Aldo. Suddenly Mr. Samuel heard someone walking near them. He told Gerry and Kate to be quite. They soon realized that he was the bad guy. He brought some weapon in his hand and has a curly hair. They continued searching for Aldo and Willy. Suddenly Gerry saw Willy at an empty room and they were tied up. They’re not awake. Mr. Samuel was really happy to see his son. When they tried to save them they got caught by the kidnapper. He was wearing a mask and it’s incredibly creepy because he was carrying a machete. Mr. Samuel told Gerry and Kate to runaway as fast as they can and called the police while he was dealing with the bad guy. Mr. Samuel grabbed some metal stick and fight with him.

Mr. Samuel hand was badly injured and suddenly Gerry hit the bad guy head really hard until the bad guy passed out.”Gerry hold on! Stop it!”, said Mr. Samuel.”Tie him up Kate! I’m about to call the police”, Mr. Samuel to Kate. Finally the police arrived. Willy and Aldo were taken to the hospital with Mr. Samuel. Kate and Gerry were traumatized because of the accident. The police officer told Mr. Samuel that Aldo and Willy almost died because they were kidnapped by a half psychopath who used to be in prison but made it out, he’s known as ‘The Hollow Killer’ for his nickname, the police had been searching for him for about 5 years, he also known the kids slave seller because for the 5 past years he kidnapped kid who always being alone and sell them to bad people. Luckily Willy and Aldo were okay.

After a few days being hospitalized Aldo woke up and he immediately hugged his father and said sorry.”It’s ok, I understand but you just have lost your friends because of what you did, their parents never allow their kid to play with you again and that’s why we have to control our temper, you may would say sorry to them and they maybe will forgive you, but you just leave them a deep hole on their heart, your friendship will never be the same”, said his father to Aldo. Aldo was realized that his attitude back there was bad. At the end he immediately regreted it and changed his personality to be more friendly.