I can’t run into a big crossroad
When my smile never save me
Walk away, leave, then lost

I stay at the edge of climb for a long time as you do
Sacrifice tells the truth that I cannot understand
With a pale sight

Still walk on the rug of thorn
Fire of sadness makes me blister
It melts my heart, my feels
I want to scream with a huge power
And release my whisper to make another know
My voice, a little voice from deep inside
Over all I am ripped by reality

I close my eyes, but anything is same
I close the happiness of life, but everything is hard
I laugh when I see my shadow in the mirror
The mirror return it worse
Careless but still hurt myself

Your words is what amused her
But really make me cry
Your smile is what saved her
But really kill me, my fantasy
I just sleep for a long time and dream about you
My struggle proves in vain
It’s enough for me, I am falling slowly