A Hole In The Fence

A Hole In The Fence

One day, there’s a father with his son which has a bad temper. His son always breaked a rules in his school for example his hair was never following the rules, until his father has called a headmaster.

When the boy ate a hot hamburger, his father called him and told him to hammer a nails to the back of the fence everytime he lost his temper, then he will got a half herritages from his father if he can hold his temper.

Day by day that he hammer a nails everytime he got angry until there were many holes that he made, then the fence was hollow by him.

He told to his father that he can’t hold back his temper, he cried, and his father said and while hug him, he must hold a temper harder because when the fence got a hollow that will not never be  te same and he don’t do this because a herritages which he will gave, he must do this for change to be a better person.

The boy hope that he can be control his anger in the future and always worship to be a holly person.

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